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Real Estate & Residual Sale

"When my dad passed we had no idea what to do with all the furniture and belongs he and my mom acquired over the years - 63 to be exact.  We posted items on E-Bay / Craig's list, people scheduled appointments, many said they'd get back to us or were no shows.  We would follow-up with the phone number they provided to us which were either 'fake' numbers or our calls would not be responded to.

My brother and I did not have time nor the energy to do a estate / garage sale, so I went online looking for help and came upon Terri Peters and Associates.

Terri met with us and did an assessment of what we had.  Shortly thereafter, we were provided a quote for the sale & removal of ALL items. Within a few weeks the entire contents of the house were removed, with a few of the more old and unique items going to her sight for auction or consignment.

Also, because Terri is a real estate agent as well…she was able to handle the personal property and the real estate.  Her team contacted us within 24 hours and they got us the best-selling price for my dad’s home.  This helped us from having to yellow-page shot and the stress of hoping we picked the right real estate agent to work for us.  

I cannot say enough about Terri Peters!   She was always available for questions and took the time out of her busy day to answer them, either by a phone call, text or e-mail.  This lady never rests.    Would I recommend Terri Peters and Associates?  Absolutely!!!!  I can guarantee you will get the same professional service as we did!"

Marie Cimini-Podkowinski
Syracuse, New York


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