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Two Day Estate & Real Estate Auction

Now that the dust has settled we thought we'd take some time to let you know how lucky we feel that Terri Peters & Associates was available to take on the task of managing our two day estate auction. It was a very big job that we did not look forward to in the least, but after meeting with your representative Tim for an hour or so it became clear that getting the work done would not only have a positive outcome, but would be a valuable and enjoyable experience as well. We started out with a house full of just stuff, but soon learned that each of the items could have an interesting story to tell, no matter how much or how little it was worth. Your ability to organize and promote the sale with informed and accurate descriptions was crucial in letting buyers discover all the delightful opportunities. And just the logistics of it all! It was great watching everything fall into place so efficiently with so little confusion or wasted effort. It all comes down to experience, expertise, and integrity. There are plenty of folks that make an honest effort and still come up short, but you really made it happen!

Eliot & Karen Dudley
Cato, New York

Outright Estate Purchase

Thank you so much for all of the help you and your company gave me while dealing with my parent's estate. It was a difficult job that was made easy due to your professionalism. You came with an expertise in the area of art and antiques that was most helpful, as well as being able to deal with an extensive library and general household items. Your ability to take care of the entire estate was important. I had limited time and you managed to handle it all without a hitch. All of your staff was courteous and prompt. What more could I have asked for? I would not hesitate to recommend you to others!

Carol Prucha Evans
Dewitt, NY

Estate Sale

Terri Peters & Associates Auction and Estate Marketing perform with spirit and professionalism. My seller of a beautiful 3200 sq ft home had signed a contract with a questionable outfit claiming to have experience with estate sales. What a mistake that was but we were able to break free. We were fortunate that Terri and her team could find time for us. They saved the sale.  There were buyers from near and far and they kept coming the whole day. I don't know how she does it but that house was virtually cleared out in about 6 hours. She wasn't giving away the farm either; items were sold at a fair market price for a decent net to my seller.  I highly recommend her and her team. Terri Peters & Associates Auction and Estate Marketing.  Once again we are grateful to you and your team for a job well done!

Geoff Wright
Real Estate Salesperson

Estate Auction

Terri Peters-McGraw was a life saver for me! I sold my house and needed to close in 10 days.  I was really in a bind. She immediately realized the depth of my problem and swung into action, like a superhero! She arranged for the auction facilities on site, staged my entire home and marketed my properties bringing in hundreds of interested buyers with incredibly short notice!

Terri took responsibility and handled the whole show, taking the weight off my shoulders! The event went off seamlessly and the house was ready to close the day after the auction. Thanks millions!

Gary Pickard
Syracuse, NY

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